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My name is Pär Edqvist and I come from a small town in Sweden called Lysvik, my main passion in life is design and I have always been extremely creative so this is where my story begins, with a Bmw 318is. For this BMW I remade the sound system including a DVD drive, which I installed in the roof panel and also fitted a styling kit and lowered the car. This small project inspired me to chase another challenge and I realised I wanted to totally redesign my next car.

I contacted Lucas Koos, one of the most talented car builders in Sweden. I never expected a reply, but to my surprise I received one. Lucas is an amazing individual, humble and helpful as well as inspiring. It’s thanks to Lucas, that I am who I am today, as he encouraged me to never stop developing and learning.

I bought my Eclipse and for one reason or another ’the dragon’ was born. No one could understand the concept that I had envisioned, so I contacted specialists such as ‘carsound’ and ‘bildioder’. They believed in me and with their support I knew that I could make it!

I started this build with all the time and effort I had. I recognised quickly how extremely demanding and time consuming this project was going to be. I wanted the design to be unique, and the end product to be one of a kind. I also redesigned the whole car, from the exterior to the interior. The car has a sculptured dragon swirling throughout the whole interior, with the tail on the front dashboard.

I got fantastic responses from people at every car show I attended; at this point I realised that I had talent for this kind of work. I thought at the time that I did not stand a chance at winning, but realised I actually stood a very good chance. At the time I had no clue how things worked but I asked for help and as always Lucas was there to advise. My design of this car received rewards at every car show I attended. You should never give up; this is the reward for persistence!

This inspired me to pursue a next project. This project was made much easier thanks to the many sponsors that were keen to help. The success with the first car generated more interest and further opportunities for cooperation. This meant I became free to develop my skills and most of all my own design.

For my third build I just went with my instinct and my creativity in the design, to again make something unique. The theme of this car was based on Marvels ‘Wolverine’, which I integrated into the interior of the car. The door handles were also made to represent Wolverines animantium claws.

The Mitsubishi 3000 gt Twinturbo was a huge success. At Elmia motor show 2014, I won People’s Choice award among other prizes. This build opened a lot of doors to further sponsorships.

The build on my 3000gt was the foundation to my latest design which was one of my dream projects, a custom designed Jaguar XKS. This Jaguar has a custom made interior in Alcantara leather from Italy which have made. The theme here was to create a subtle representation of Marvels ‘Spiderman’, which can be seen in the interior, sound system encasing’s, and a spider-nett sewn into the interior roof panel.

This Jaguar won the People’s Choice and 2nd Best interior at Elmia custom motorshow 2018.

I hope you all follow my journey and my future builds, I can’t see any limitations so this is going to be exciting!

Thank you all for the support and thanks to all the sponsors for their invaluable help!

If you have any inquiries, questions, comments or thought. You are welcome to email me and follow me on Instagram @pecustom

Kind regards,
Pär Edqvist

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